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News Archive: June 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amazing Grace Caravan To Carry Anti-Gas Chamber Message From Jersey To Georgia

Amazing Grace Caravan

The nightmarish reality of a dog or cat’s death by gas chamber is about to become a rolling public service message as a group of animal lovers leave New Jersey together on July 12th and head for Georgia in a multi-state rescue caravan honoring one survivor of the gruesome fate. In addition to campaigning for the end of this barbaric form of euthanasia, the caravan will publicize the need for spaying and neutering of pets and adoption from shelters.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finding A Forever Home

Finding A Forever Home

When the JDHF first rescued Gabriel from a Los Angeles shelter he was emaciated, a bag of bones after being abandoned on the streets, where he tried desperately to survive by scrounging for scraps of food wherever he could. He also had a severe open injury on his left leg that exposed the bone, leaving him barely able to walk. Despite his poor state of health and the pain from his wounds, the blue Pit Bull remained a gentle and calm soul with a warm, loving personality. This is his story.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Story Of The Little Blue Dog

The Little Blue Dog

The Little Blue Dog is a children’s book inspired by the real life story of a small Chihuahua named Louie who ends up in a shelter in California. With a mission to create a lovable character to represent the countess dogs who find themselves homeless, Louie’s journey exemplifies the story of survival, hope and second chances. Find out more about this heartwarming story which will benefit a number of animal welfare organizations and help to save lives.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Record Breaking Day

Irvine Animal Care Center's 6th Annual Super Pet Adoption Event

The City of Irvine’s 6th Annual Super Pet Adoption event took place last Sunday and we were in attendance with the Heigl Hounds for a record breaking day which saw 353 dogs, cat and rabbits find their forever homes. Over 4000 people attended Orange County’s biggest animal adoption extravaganza hosted at the Irvine Shelter’s park-like campus. It was also a great day for Bud, our gorgeous tan Pit Bull.

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How You Can Help

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