C.D. Watson’s story is one every potential pet owner can learn from. In an article for Pets Adviser, the writer and animal lover tells the story of how one impulse buy at a pet store turned into a nightmare. Maggi May, the dog she purchased on that fateful day, came from a puppy mill.

Puppy mills are substandard commercial breeding programs that operate with an emphasis on profit above animal welfare. Poor living conditions result in the development of chronic health problems, temperament issues and hereditary defects in animals that are bred in these environments.

The long ordeal that followed, made her understand how consumers are the ones who perpetuate the demand for puppy mills, by continuing to buy from pet stores and websites that source these innocent animals.

Maggi endured more than 15 surgeries and dozens of treatments that required sedation before she died, aged just 5 years old, after a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Please read her story and find out how you can help stop puppy mills.