Thankfully despite being more than 20lbs underweight, suffering from diabetes and in a very poor state of health following years of neglect and abuse, Grace, who had been clinging on to life at the Baldwin Park Shelter before desperate staff alerted us to her plight, survived the legal holding period for stray animals and was released into our care. Showing great tenacity, bravery and fighting spirit she continues to battle for survival.


Our initial task is to balance helping Grace gain weight while controlling her diabetes with insulin and a proper diet. Veterinarians Dr. Stan Kunin and Dr. Theresa Long are providing expertise at their respective practices to help Grace find her path on the road to recovery. They will monitor her weight and blood sugar levels as well as her organ functions.

Unfortunately, because her diabetes was uncontrolled there could be irreversible damage to Grace's eyes, kidneys, pancreas and liver. Grace is receiving the best possible care, with Milan Radovic and his team at the Top Dog Resort in San Fernando, CA., providing her with the 24 hour attention that she needs as they work to regulate her blood sugar.

Although she has experienced great cruelty at the hands of humans, Grace is still an incredibly affectionate and good natured dog. Her love is truly unconditional. We are all hoping that she will respond well to treatment.

Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace

Since posting Grace's story on the Foundation web site and across our social media platforms we have had a huge response from people appalled at the suffering she has endured and asking how they can help. We have created Fundly page where people can send donations, 100% of which will go towards the cost of her care and medical treatment, as well as helping us to save more of the millions of animals like her that are killed in our shelters every year.