Almost a month has past since we last updated you about Grace, the five year old Pit Bull rescued in a very poor state of health after suffering years of neglect and abuse, so we thought it was time to share some good news!

Grace continues to make excellent progress at a wonderful animal sanctuary that is providing dedicated, around the clock care to help nurse her back to full health. She now weighs over 55lbs and is almost unrecognizable from the emaciated animal that we first encountered at the beginning of September.


Two weeks ago, JDHF board member Meg Heigl-Beltran visited Grace at the sanctuary and was thrilled to see how well she had progressed, "Grace is feeling so much better and is now enjoying life. She loves to romp and play around at the sanctuary, climbing up on chairs and sitting right next to you!"

Grace's recovery has been so positive, that next week she will be strong enough to undergo spay surgery, which we hope will help to stabilize her diabetes. The tumors that cover the underside of her body will also be removed surgically at this time.


If you have missed Grace's remarkable story please check out some of our previous articles about this amazing dog and once again thank you to everyone who has helped support her care and medical treatment.

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