We thought it would be nice to share some beautiful photographs of Grace, an amazing dog that we rescued a few months ago. Regular visitors may remember that in September, we received a plea from staff at the Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles who were desperate to ensure that Grace, a five year old Pit Bull stray found on the streets, would not be left to die alone after a life of suffering. Defying the odds, Grace survived, and although she is currently undergoing chemotherapy following the removal of a cancerous tumor, her continued recovery has been nothing short of incredible.


Grace's journey is a remarkable story of tenacity, determination and will to live. She is currently being cared for at a wonderful animal sanctuary where she is enjoying her new life. No longer emaciated, her diabetes under control, spayed and rid of the tumors that covered her body, Grace is safe from the abuse, neglect and cruelty that blighted her life for many years.



Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped support her care and medical treatment.