Visiting ABC's Good Morning America today, Katherine Heigl showed off her new Just One range of pet products, designed to help reduce the number of animals being killed in shelters. Alongside her mother Nancy, she created the Just One line to help address the pet overpopulation crisis. A crisis which sees over 4 million heathly, adoptable cats and dogs euthanized every year in the United States - simply because homes can not be found for them.

Katherine Heigl Visits Good Morning America To Discuss Just One Katherine Heigl Visits Good Morning America To Discuss Just One (Photo: Donna Svennevik)

Keen to extend the success of the Foundation's life saving programs, which have resulted in a 14% reduction in shelter intake areas such as California City, across the rest of the United States, the Heigl's needed a way to help fund their efforts. In conjunction with their own philanthropy, which has seen them invest millions of dollars in helping to address the problem, the proceeds from the sale of Just One products will help to save even more lives.

Katherine explained that in certain Los Angeles zip codes where specific programs, such as the Foundation's Ray Of Hope initiative has been focused, the reduction in shelter admissions had been as great as 19%, "So we're winning!" she exclaimed.

The Foundation's spay/neuter initiative, providing the service for free in designated areas has also helped, with the no questions asked policy helping to reduce the number of unwanted litters being abandoned. "We just want people to show up. Bring your dogs, show up, there are no requirements. You don't need to bring us your tax information, your income information, you don't even need to have an address. We spay and neuter for homeless people's pets as well," Katherine implored.

She also chatted briefly about life with her own pets, which include 7 dogs, 3 cats and 9 horses.