On July 4th as America celebrates Independence Day, 22 dogs are also celebrating their freedom. This week, our friends at Hearts United for Animals (HUA) rescued five dogs in Nebraska and a further seventeen in South Dakota, all of whom were saved from puppy mills.

Hearts United For Animals Rescues 22 Dogs From Puppy Mills

Volunteer rescuers drove over 800 miles to set the dogs free, to live the lives of happiness that always should have been theirs. Eleven of the seventeen dogs from South Dakota were just pups. In Nebraska all of the dogs were older Pomeranians, who had suffered for much longer.

HUA reported in their electronic newsletter that although at first the dogs were very frightened, cowering, afraid to move or even look at their human rescuers, they soon began to perk up and make eye contact as they settled into their new accommodation - enjoying the soft blankets, fresh water and ample supply of tasty food.

The dogs are being cared for by HUA volunteers and are playing outdoors and learning about toys for the first time, free from the cages that imprisoned them.

In addition to celebrating the freedom of these dogs, Hearts United is also celebrating a big win in the war on puppy mills. The puppy millers stated that nobody is buying puppies anymore. The fact that nobody is buying these amazing little dogs means that education efforts are paying off. The public is learning where pet store pups come from and they are refusing to buy them!

If you would like help the 22 rescued puppy mill dogs, you can show your support by donating to Hearts United for Animals.

Please share this message and remind all of your friends and family to adopt, don't shop. We are winning the war on puppy mills and we must continue the fight. The dogs are counting on us!