A few months ago the Heigl Foundation rescued Penny from the jaws of death and since then the response from the public to her battle for survival has been incredible. Every day we receive emails and social media messages from people wanting to know how she is fairing. We truly appreciate the wonderful support you have given both Penny and the JDHF.


Foundation Executive Director Jennifer Brent, who has been caring for Penny personally, has posted an update from her diary detailing her progress. Check it out!

Jennifer's Diary


Penny keeps improving in leaps and bounds! At her most recent vet appointment last week, she weighed in at 12 lbs 12 oz. She actually has a little paunch now... But since we promised her that she would never be hungry again, I think we're going to keep it! Her hair is also growing back and she has at least a little downy layer everywhere except her tail.

Amazingly, Penny is now able to run up and down the stairs and play with my other dogs (this from a dog that couldn't even walk when we got her)! They roll around and tumble and chew on each other's ears. Penny loves to cuddle and whenever I sit on the floor, she's the first one running over, with her ears flapping, to sit down on me and nuzzle her muzzle into my armpit. She still seems a little puzzled by toys and doesn't really understand them, but this dog has definitely learned the meaning of a bed and loves soft cushions and blankets!

Penny is still on two types of medication (one for her immune disease and one steroid, which we are tapering down) and barring any unforeseen setbacks will be able to be spayed in a month. She still gets antibiotic shots but her blood work now comes back looking good and showing continuous improvement. One of the puncture wound holes on the side of her jaw has closed entirely and the other one is nearly there, although it's not completely shut quite yet.

The officer investigating Penny's case is slated to file charges with the deputy district attorney this week, and once I know more information we will release it. At this point, I don't want to take any action that would jeopardize the prosecution of her owners who drilled holes through her face and allowed her weight to fall to just 6 lbs.

Many people have asked about the possibility of adopting Penny when she is fully recovered. At the moment, we are holding off from making Penny available for adoption until after she is spayed and we have stabilized all of her medications. This means it is likely to be another 2 or 3 months (November/December) before she will be ready for a loving home. Once we know for sure that she is healthy and 100% fighting fit, we'll post the news and then anyone who is interested can submit an application to bring this wonderful dog into their life!