The Foundation's transport program is a collaborative effort that takes the work of many people to get the job done effectively. Our dedicated volunteers and shelter staff have joined together to save over 1,000 animals this year! We would like to take time to highlight Karin Krawiec, the owner and founder of Shelter Dog Coats, and her team this quarter.

Travelling In Style

The Foundation was introduced to Karin by Lance Hunter, the manager at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center last December, as we began our relationship with the North Shore Animal League. Karin and her team of volunteers from across the country make the jackets that are needed for our winter transports. The jackets are key to keeping the dogs warm while they are at both LAX and JFK during the intake and pick up process at the airports.

Karin initially noticed that there was a need for jackets, blankets and towels while working with the homeless people and animals in her area, and when she visited local shelters. She now distributes her jackets, blankets and towels to shelters and rescues that need them. Karin provides all of the materials needed to make the jackets and distributes them to her volunteers as they become available.

We would like to thank Karin and her team profusely for providing the jackets needed to send so many shelter dogs to safety and loving forever homes. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer with or donate to, both the Shelter Dog Coat team and the Heigl Foundation.