Since its inception in 2008, the JDHF has saved the lives of over 5,000 dogs by transporting them from shelters where they are scheduled to be euthanized, to pre-approved humane societies, rescue organizations and no kill facilities across the United States. At these locations, the demand for adoptable pets exceeds the supply from shelters and animal welfare groups, so the rescued animals soon find a forever home.

Where Are They Now?

When we first interact with the dogs, they are often frightened by new surroundings and an unsure future, so it always brightens our day to hear from the individuals or families that have adopted our four-legged friends to find out how they are faring in their new homes. From finding a new best friend, helping a family member cope with loss or just meeting the perfect snuggle buddy, we wanted to share some of these wonderful success stories with our friends.

  • Biscuit Biscuit

    The Conn family got in touch to tell us about Biscuit, a special dog who has become a best friend and unwavering companion for their young son Noah. Part of one of the JDHF transports from Los Angeles to Columbia Humane in Oregon, Biscuit has had a remarkable impact on his new family. Read more

  • Clara Clara

    We rescued Clara from the Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles, hairless and with her body covered in bloody scabs. Despite her obvious discomfort from a severe case of mange, she remained full of affection. Many weeks later and fully recovered, Clara was adopted by Jessica, who soon discovered what a wonderful dog she owned. Read more

  • Darla Darla

    London was an owner surrender at the South Los Angeles shelter. Even though she was 4 years old when the Heigl Foundation rescued her, she looked and acted like a puppy. Darla as she is now known, always loved to romp around and play, characteristics that soon became very familiar to her adopter Matthew. Read more

  • Eddie Eddie

    Eddie was among the first pets transported by the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. As one of the "Flying Chihuahuas" he was sent back East to a wonderful home with a loving family. Paula Newcomb wrote to update us about Eddie's new life. Read more

  • Karly Karly

    A small, adorable Staffordshire / Boston Terrier mix that the Heigl Foundation rescued from the Los Angeles city shelter, Buttons (now known as Karly) has made a huge difference to lives of Karen Unverzagt's family members, most notably as a companion to her autistic son. Read more

  • Lucy Lucy

    Lucy was found following a police raid on a property in San Bernardino County in a very poor state of health, emaciated, with opens wounds, countless scars and a broken leg. Rescued by the Heigl Foundation, her heart-warming recovery has been nothing short of remarkable and she is now enriching the lives of the family who adopted her. Read more

  • Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt

    Teddy Roosevelt was on one of the Foundation's first transports to the North Shore Animal League in New York. As one of our partner no-kill rescues they typically take our small dogs that are at immediate risk of euthanisia and provide them with loving homes. Teddy found his family on Thanksgiving weekend a year ago. Read more