When Bottle Pets heard about Sochi and Adler, the sick stray pups rescued from Russia by staff from the US Winter Olympic Team and members of the press, they wanted to help support the Heigl Foundation and our efforts to provide care and medical treatment for the two dogs.

Bottle Pets Supporting The Work Of The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation

Bottle Pets are stuffed animal toys and baby bottle covers in one. By making a purchase from the Bottle Pet online store and entering the code PUPPYLOVE at checkout, proceeds from the sale will go towards supporting Sochi and Adler's recovery.

Check out www.bottlepets.net for the complete range of Bottle Pets. The covers are designed to make bottle feeding fun. The range of plush animals help babies bottle feed by giving them something soft to hold. They are also fun to play with even when it's not meal time!