At the JDHF we continue our efforts to stem the tide of animals that come into shelters each year through preemptive action - sterilization! Aided by a $25,000 grant from the ASPCA, we are paying for spay/neuters for four high-risk zip codes representing nearly a quarter of a million people in Los Angeles.

JDHF & ASPCA Partner To Target Pet Overpopulation

These areas were chosen because of their per capita income and the high number of animals received annually by the local shelters. We continue to focus on preventing unwanted litters, thereby reducing shelter intake and needless deaths.

It is widely acknowledged that by sterilizing pets and preventing unwanted litters from being born, we can end homelessness in animals. The JDHF believes that a part of being a responsible pet owner means getting your pet fixed. In the areas that this grant is in effect, spay/neuter for pets is mandatory and required by law.

In Southern California, we are overwhelmed by unwanted animals. In the zip codes that this grant services, upwards of 66% of all of the dogs and cats that enter the shelter never make it out.