When Ashley and Kyle were married earlier this month, in lieu of a traditional wedding favor to their guests, the couple decided to make a donation to the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation to honor a very special four-legged friend.

AnaBelle (BlueBelle)

The couple's beloved dog AnaBelle aka Bluebelle was a former Heigl Hound and in an email from her adoptive mom updating us on how our rescue pup was getting on, she very generously announced a gift of $1,000.00 from their recent nuptials!

The Heigl Foundation is thrilled and hugely grateful for this amazing gesture which will help us to assist other companion animals facing euthanasia in our shelters.


AnaBelle (Bluebelle) AnaBelle (Bluebelle) and Kyle AnaBelle (Bluebelle) AnaBelle (Bluebelle) AnaBelle (Bluebelle) AnaBelle (Bluebelle) AnaBelle (Bluebelle) AnaBelle (Bluebelle) AnaBelle (Bluebelle) AnaBelle (Bluebelle) and Ashley

Team JDHF was also delighted to hear that AnaBelle and her new family have been doing fantastically well together! Ashley told us that AnaBelle goes everywhere with the couple on their travels, visiting Big Bear, Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach and Palos Verdes in recent months.

She added that AnaBelle is still a "playful, wonderful little girl. The small kids in our neighborhood absolutely love her (she of course loves them). when we see them on our walks she always stops to play. She even dressed up as a care bear for Halloween and delivered candy to the kids!"

We always love to hear stories about her former rescues. If you have adopted a Heigl Hound please get in touch, share some pictures and tell us your story!

Also if you are getting married and perhaps would like to follow Ashley and Kyle's amazing lead and include the Foundation in your wedding favors, please let us know. Every cent we receive in donations goes to help animals in desperate need.