We continue to pursue justice on behalf of the male pit bull that died while in SEAACA's (SouthEast Area Animal Control Authority in Downey, CA) care.


Subsequent to our letter and web site post on 10/29/15, we were able to rescue two of the German Shepherds that were also a part of the household where the abused dogs were living. They have since gone to one of our wonderful grantees, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue for placement.

The screen shot above shows both of the females that were taken (16-08551 and 16-08648) as well as the male who died under SEAACA's care (16-08525). At the present time, we have not heard the results of the necropsy from either SEAACA or their governing Commission.

If you would like to contact the Commissioners, please send a letter marked for their attention to info@jasonheigl.foundation and we will ensure that they are forwarded.