At the Jason Heigl Foundation we are proud to support organizations like the Shelter Hope Pet Shop, that undertake important life saving work. Shelter Hope founder Kim Sill got in touch recently with a story of survival and hope that stood out for her over the holiday period, and we wanted to share it with you:

Kim explained, "Kelly Mitchell, a rescuer from the Compton area, texted me about a dog that had been hit by a car in North Hills. She had just seen it on Facebook and immediately thought of me. The dog was about thirty minutes away, so she offered to pick it up and bring it to Thousand Oaks. A witness who had seen the car hit the dog thought he had a broken leg. An emergency vet would cost a couple thousand dollars just to walk in the door, so I called my vet to see if he would be willing to come in and take a look at this rescue. I was lucky that he was willing to spend his New Years helping Satchmo!"

It is wonderful to see Satchmo dog doing so well in his new home with such a loving owner.