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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Get Your Tickets For The Nuzzles Ball!

Mark your calendars for the night of Saturday, September 24th as busy, and make a reservation for rescue group Nuzzles & Co’s annual gala, The Nuzzles Ball!

This year, the Nuzzles Ball will take place at the fabulous Montage Deer Valley resort in Park City, UT, where attendees will not only be guaranteed a wonderful evening, but will also help to raise valuable funds for a wonderful rescue organization.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Komfy K9’s Supporting Rescues

The support of the general public and the generosity of the business community is vital in ensuring that the Jason Heigl Foundation can continue to help thousands of companion animals every year. The JDHF was delighted and hugely grateful to receive a wonderful donation from our friend Lori Hill at Komfy K9’s recently.

Chance Is A Very Content Pup On His Komfy K9 Bed Chance Is A Very Content Pup Chilling Out On His Komfy K9 Bed

Lori creates beds specifically for kennels, rescue groups, and vets, and very kindly supplied the JDHF with 25 beds, 45 large pocket covers (for heats pads or cool packs), 15 quilted plush covers and 15 Komfy K9 blankets for our Heigl Hound rescues! In total, this wonderful donation from Komfy K9’s is worth around $5,000.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cat’s Pride Generosity Helps Heigl Foundation Support California City Shelter

In California City, a rural town about two hours north of Los Angeles, straight into the desert, there is a small animal shelter that operates on extremely limited resources. With a very tight budget, staff work hard to look after the cats and dogs in their care. Like many community oriented shelters, the facility is heavily reliant on local support and the tireless efforts of volunteers.

Heigl Foundation staff recently visited volunteer Jim Creighton at the California City Animal Shelter (CCAS) to look at the facility and were impressed to see the remarkable work being done with so very little.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Update: Vanilla Needs Surgery To Stop Tumors Spreading

What do you do when you see a dog in a high-kill shelter that is in desperate need of medical care and attention, but you know it’s going to cost a fortune to help them? If you’re JDHF co-founder Nancy Heigl, you don’t hesitate to pull the dog and hold out hope that it will work itself out.


Such is the case with Heigl Hound of Hope, Vanilla. We first told you about Nilla when we first pulled her at the end of May. Nilla, an adult pit bull mix, weighed only 33 pounds and was suffering from a chronic illness called masticatory muscle myositis which prevented her jaw from opening.


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