Snip Snip

Hello my human friends! My name is Snip and I'm here to tell you something very important. I was rescued from a "kill shelter" by the Heigl Foundation.

I know what you're thinking... "Snip, there's no way you came from a shelter!" Well, guess what, buddy, I DID, and many of my dog, cat, bunny and horse friends are still back there – all super cute, just like me. And it's all because of balls. I HATE BALLS!

So, here's what you need to know. There are two kinds of balls in this world… The good balls – which are round, bouncy, and fun to play with – as in - Fetch! Then there are the other balls - the nasty balls - the balls that I was born with between my legs... yuck! gross! ew!

These are the problem balls. The humans I lived with never spayed or neutered my mom and dad, so there were too many of us and we were dropped off at the shelter. I never saw my family again – all because of balls.

Some not so smart people think that when you take our balls away we lose our personality. Now that's just a bunch of baloney. I still love to play and romp around. I'm just as adorable. Plus, I'm actually healthier!

That's why I'm here to tell you that balls SUCK!

So break free from the balls that bind you. Let go of the myth that an animal with balls has more personality.

If you're a human and you're reading this – stop thinking we're like you... we're dogs and cats – we don't miss our balls, but we do miss you when you leave us at the shelter.

Read my lips people, millions of cute pets just like me are killed each year in shelters in this country because there's just too many of us and not enough humans to adopt us.

Each one of us has a name, each one of us has a story and we all deserve better.

That tingling feeling you're getting means that you know that I'm right! And you know that you can do something to help me get this message out to everyone.

Just tell your human friends:

  • Donate to raise money for spay/neuter – because spay/neuter is the answer!
  • Volunteer and spend time with us at the shelter – until someone takes us home!
  • Adopt us – we'd be perfect together!

REMEMBER: I don't want balls - I don't need balls - and I ended up in the shelter because of balls.