Breed: Chihuahua / Jack Russell Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 8 Years Old

Mango is described as an 8-year old with a Chihuahua face and a Jack Russell body, who loves hanging out with her foster siblings. She gets along with dogs of all sizes. She has lived with a 5-pound Chihuahua and a 75-pound pitbull and a few terriers from 8-30 pounds. They snuggle together and share their beds. It’s best if she eats apart from other dogs because she enjoys eating their food too. Mango loves to stare at herself in the mirror and often falls asleep in this position.

Mango is fine with her person leaving her for work, errands, etc., but she’ll definitely great you with a wagging tail and lots of love when you return to show she missed you. She’s entertained by a mountain of blankets and towels and loves to dig her way under them to play hide-and-seek. She has a silly side and enjoys prancing around when she’s excited. Mango walks everywhere with a smile on her face.

Mango loves dogs and people of all ages. As long as her ears and neck are scratched and her belly is rubbed, she doesn’t care about your age or gender. She adapts easily and she loves her person or people. She walks well on a leash and greets strangers nicely. She doesn’t really pay attention to other dogs as she walks. Mango loves car rides and enjoys the fresh wind on her face and will show her appreciation with snuggles.

Mango’s a little hard of hearing which makes it great when you’re moving around and don’t want to wake her. She watches for signs and follows the other dogs and will follow you everywhere. Mango has a mild heart murmur and takes daily medication. She loves when her medicine is wrapped in a treat. She recently had her teeth deep-cleaned and small benign growths removed from her paw and chest. Mango is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. She’s also house trained.

Mango is available for adoption in the Los Angeles area.