Breed: Pit Bull
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years Old

Amber’s foster mom describes Amber as “amazing and special.” She is as beautiful as her name implies with a stunning golden brindle coat and golden eyes to match. She has a sturdy, healthy body and a sharp mind. Although sometimes mistaken for a cow (she LOVES to graze on grass), she is 100% dog.

When you first meet Amber, she may seem like an old dog trapped in a young dog body. She initially comes across as very serious, shy and aloof. After living in a kennel for over a year, Amber is understandably hesitant to trust people. But once you get to know her, you will learn that Amber is actually very smart, highly trainable, and already knows some basic obedience skills. Amber is not afraid to work for her human’s approval. She is very connected to her humans and shows immense loyalty, making sure she knows where her humans are at any given moment. Once the right family opens their home and hearts to Amber and gives her time to trust again, she will pay that family back in spades with loyalty, trust and affection.

Amber may be okay in a home with another male dog who is very submissive. However, we think she will really thrive in an environment where she could take the time to just relax and keep all the human attention to herself. Amber walks well on a leash, and is not reactive to other animals while on her walks.

Our beauty is no princess… she is a rough and ready Tomboy who doesn’t mind playing hard or getting dirty. Her other favorite things to do: play fetch with a ball and play in the pool.