We won’t stop until the killing stops.


Foster a puppy, dog, cat or kitten and provide a temporary home for an animal in desperate need. Foster families play a critical role in helping companion animals recover from sickness and injury, get a much-needed break from the distress of the shelter system, or simply receive a little extra care and attention.

Help give these animals a second chance to find a forever home.
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Volunteers are vital to our success and we couldn’t carry out our essential work without their dedication and support. We welcome any commitment you are able to offer—however great or small.

Join our volunteer program and become part of our effort to save lives.
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Our partners all share something in common—a love of animals. By becoming a partner, your organization will be able to raise money on our behalf, sponsor animal welfare programs, engage our audience and develop mutually beneficial caused-based marketing campaigns.

Develop a partnership with us and feel good about the work that you do.

Over 7 million dogs and cats enter shelters every year.

Over 4 million never get out alive.

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