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To directly address the pet population crisis, we work to bring affordable and accessible spay/neuter surgery, vaccination and microchipping services to companion animals in low-income areas across the U.S.

Statistics show that animals from low-income areas are more likely to end up in the shelter system because owners are most often unable to afford spay/neuter services and they often do not have the means to care for any puppies or kittens that are born unexpectedly.

A staggering 67,000 puppies can be born from a female dog and her offspring in just seven years and 420,000 kittens from a female cat and her offspring in just six years. Every animal we fix today saves tens, then hundreds, then thousands of animals from our shelter system of tomorrow. Every dollar spent today saves U.S. taxpayers from far greater expense in the future.

Our spay and neuter initiatives also help to pay for the cost of fixing shelter animals that are saved by qualified rescue groups. By covering this expenditure, more animals can be rescued and adopted because it significantly reduces the cost of getting an animal out of the shelter system.

Did you know?
Spaying and neutering also has added benefits for the health of our companion pets—reducing the risk of certain cancers, the desire to spray or mark territory and the desire to roam.

Training & Education

We also provide training and education programs to support our spay and neuter initiatives. These courses inform the public about local no cost or low cost spay/neuter services, laws applicable to pet ownership, the availability of low cost veterinary care and the grim reality of relinquishing a pet to a municipal shelter. Additionally, topics such as integrating a pet into the family, positive reinforcement training, house breaking and proper dog socialization are also explained.

Policy Change

The financial burden to the taxpayer of sheltering, feeding, treating, housing and killing so many animals every year far outweighs the economic impact of implementing targeted publicly funded spay/neuter programs that address the cause of the overpopulation problem at its source. Not only are the current policies of many states across the country morally reprehensible, they are also financially irresponsible.

You can help end unnecessary suffering by having your animal spayed or neutered and by encouraging others to do the same. Together we have the power to create a consensus which rejects killing as a method of achieving results. Please help support our efforts to bring about change.


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