Breed: Pekingese Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 2 Years Old

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a furry friend who’s not just adorable but also full of energy and enthusiasm? Look no further — Chip is the perfect companion for all your adventures!

His journey started as a stray doggie in the Castaic area of Los Angeles County. Luckily, Chip was rescued from the shelter just in time, and now he’s looking for his forever home where he can share his love, energy, and zest for life.

At first glance, Chip may seem a bit nervous, but give him a chance, and you’ll discover a world of personality waiting to be explored! Once he warms up to new situations, he blossoms into a confident, energetic, and playful doggie. Chip is a social butterfly who gets along fabulously with other dogs, making playdates a breeze!

Chip’s enthusiasm for play knows no bounds. He thrives on playtime and is highly motivated by treats. Whether it’s chasing a ball, going on long walks, or discovering the great outdoors, Chip is up for the challenge. He’s an excellent walking and hiking buddy who’s always eager to explore his environment.

Chip is not just a pretty face; he’s incredibly smart and always ready to try new things. His intelligence makes training a breeze, and he’s sure to impress you with his quick learning and eagerness to please.

If you’re an active individual or family looking for a four-legged friend to accompany you on walks, hikes, and exciting outings, Chip is your perfect match. He craves human companionship and will bring boundless joy to your life.

Chip is available to adopt in the Greater Los Angeles area.