Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 5 Years Old

Ever heard that Staffies make THE BEST couch hippos? It is TRUE! When at home, nothing I want more than to snuggle up here or there, preferably with you. And I am even the same color as a hippo. I also adore my daily walks – I let my foster mama know twice a day – I am the perfect alarm. I like to go to new places and hang out, hike, visit coffee shops and be with humans – my human, other humans, kids, adults, whatever. I just like people. A LOT. My foster mana’s nephew comes by sometimes. He is four and we are besties.

Just look at the pictures to see how much fun my foster mum has with me – hiking, hanging out, snuggling, playing dress up. I am super versatile! Oh! And the car – YES, PLEASE! As much of that as possible. I don’t need other dogs in my life – at this point, I am perfectly happy being with humans most of the time. But, I do like some dogs quite a bit. Others, not so much. Sorta like you, I imagine, with other people. Some you like, some you don’t.

I am solid, so I don’t look like I weigh 62 pounds – I bet you’d guess I weigh no more than 50 pounds if you met me. So many adventures await us…are you ready? I am!

Grace is available to adopt in the Greater Los Angeles area.