Sir Oliver

Breed: Pit Bull / Labrador Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 10 Months Old

Meet Sir Oliver, affectionately known as Ollie to his friends, a charming neutered Pitbull Labrador mix with a heart full of love and a spirit brimming with joy. Rescued from a high-kill shelter on the brink of a sad fate, Ollie has shown nothing but gratitude and affection since his rescue on December 24, 2023. This young dog is vaccinated, microchipped, and comes with a set of skills including being crate trained and knowing commands like Sit, Stay, Wait, and giving his paw. Walking him is a breeze, reflecting his eagerness to please and learn.

Ollie’s love for life is infectious. He thrives on human companionship, cherishing every moment of affection, from head rubs to belly scratches, and he could play ball all day long. His boundless energy and playful nature make him an ideal companion for an active adult looking for a loyal friend.

While Ollie’s interactions with other dogs are still under observation, his undoubted love for people shines through. He may best suited to being the only pet in the home, ready to soak up all the love and attention offered to him.

Ollie’s past has only made his heart grow fonder, ready to embark on a new journey with a loving family. If you’re seeking a companion that’s all about love, play, and loyalty, Ollie could very well be the perfect match, ready to turn every day into an adventure.

Sir Oliver is available to adopt in the Greater Los Angeles area.