Rescue Mission: Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey continues to cause catastrophic flooding in southeastern Texas and has moved inland unleashing further deluges over Eastern Texas and Louisiana. The floods have displaced tens of thousands of people and inundated hundreds of thousands of homes, leaving countless families, service animals and household pets without anywhere to live.

As a non-profit Foundation the focus of our efforts will be to provide financial assistance to organizations that are working to help animals affected by this disaster, to help them support people struggling to provide shelter, care and food for their animals, and to assist local rescues and shelters with the huge influx of homeless pets.

All across the country organizations are gearing up to help those affected. Our friends at Hearts United For Animals will be making several trips to both Houston and Louisiana to provide much needed supplies and bring displaced dogs back to their shelter.

If you are able to help the people and pets stricken by this horrific disaster please make a donation to Hearts United For Animals.

Funds will be used to provide emergency medical care for the dogs as well as food and shelter in the upcoming weeks and months.

JDHF Funding Spay/Neuter In San Bernardino Is A Success

In September 2016, we received a grant application from the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley (HSSBV) requesting funding for spay/neuter. Funding spay/neuter programs are part of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation’s core mission. San Bernardino is an under served area east of Los Angeles County that has always been of interest to the JDHF and we have tried to support the area whenever the opportunity arises. (more…)

A Lesson To Be Learned

In 2012, Cesar Millan wrote an article which appeared on his web site and social media pages, that highlighted some fundamental issues with how we treat homeless companion animals in the United States. It contrasted our approach to dealing with unwanted animals and attitudes towards adoption in this country, with that of European nations such as Germany. (more…)