Go Lucky

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer Pit Bull Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 2 Years Old

Meet Go Lucky, a delightful two-year-old neutered male German Shorthaired Pointer Pit Bull mix, whose joyous spirit and loving nature will instantly steal your heart. This playful boy thrives on affection and is eager to be your devoted companion. With his boundless energy and eagerness to please, Go Lucky is a perfect buddy for all of your adventures.

Though he cherishes human friendship above all, Go Lucky would do best as the only pet in the home. He is not suitable for a household with other dogs or cats, as he prefers to soak up all the love and attention for himself. His ideal home would be one where he can enjoy the undivided attention of his humans, offering him plenty of playtime, exercise, and snuggles.

If you’re looking for a loyal friend who is all about love and fun, Go Lucky is your perfect match. He’s ready to bring his zest for life and affectionate nature into your home and heart. Are you ready to go lucky with Go Lucky? Join him on his journey to his forever home!

Go Lucky is available to adopt in the Greater Los Angeles area.