Breed: Labrador Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 1 Month Old

Meet Worthy! Her mom, Samba, gave birth to a litter of 10 puppies — three boys and seven girls — on or around July 9. We don’t have any information about the father, but we can confirm that Samba is a loving mother with a sweet, people-oriented personality. Her puppies are thriving, and at about two weeks of age, the foster mom began socializing them. She also has been providing them with nerve-stimulation training, which is a great way for the puppies to become familiar with and confident in situations that might bring them out of their comfort zone later in life. Worthy will be familiarized with children and other dogs and cats, and also potty trained.

Small but mighty, Worthy may be the runt of the litter — about half the size of her brothers and sisters — but she is going strong, and has no trouble keeping up with her siblings.

If you would like to adopt the adorable Worthy, or any of her brothers and sisters, please fill in an application form today! Available in the Greater Los Angeles area.