Breed: Doberman Mix
Gender: Male

Apache is a Doberman Mix rescued by the JDHF and sent to the Safe Haven Humane Society in Oregon, where he was adopted into a forever home. New owners Raylene and Erez Gordin got in touch via email to tell us how well Apache has settled into his new environment.

We would like to thank you for rescuing Apache and sending him to the Safe Haven Humane Society in Oregon. After a brief foster period to make sure he would be happy with us, we adopted him into his forever home. We live on 13 acres in rural Oregon and have a pack of 5 happy dogs (Apache makes 6). We spend a lot of time with Apache and take him almost everywhere with us. He LOVES people and is very calm and quiet. He gets along great with our dogs. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

Thank you for everything you do!
Raylene & Erez Gordin