Breed: Chihuahua / Terrier Mix
Gender: Male

The Conn family got in touch to tell us about Biscuit, a special dog who has become a best friend and unwavering companion for their young son Noah.

Just wanted to drop a note about our little Biscuit, who belongs to our son Noah. He was part of a transport from your facility to Columbia Humane, Oregon on Thanksgiving weekend. He has been a huge blessing for our family, especially our newly minted 6 year old boy. Noah turned 6 yesterday, and for his birthday, asked his friends to bring gifts for the shelter Biscuit came from instead of gifts for himself. The photo (below) is of Noah and Biscuit after the party showing off the things people brought for the shelter. 🙂 Just so you know, Noah had a zombie themed party, those are tattoos, not wounds! 😉 Hoping you all are well, just wanted to share.

Biscuit is doing very well since his adoption last year. He has gained a couple pounds (which is a good thing) and his flakey skin condition is 100% gone. He is happy as can be here with us. Our son suffers from migraines, and when his head hurts, Biscuit doesn’t leave his side. And it is a HUGE comfort for Noah to have his best friend with him when he is in so much pain. The meds for his migraines knocks him out cold for hours on end, and Biscuit stays with him through it all. Thank you for all that you do. Biscuit wouldn’t be here without your hard work.

Keep up the amazing work you do!
The Conn Family