Breed: Rottweiler Mix
Gender: Male

We received a note from Grace and Alvin about their four legged friend, the aptly named Buddy. The couple wanted to share his story and talk about how they adopted the Rottweiler Mix from our internal rescue group.

Dear Heigl Hounds for Hope,

We did not realize that you rescued Buddy a day before he was going to be put down. We are so thankful that you did and cannot imagine our life without him now.

Our story began on Saturday night at 2 am when I couldn’t sleep and was browsing online. After looking at over 300+ dogs, I found Buddy and knew he would be our first. I woke up early the next day to email your organization, praying that he was still available. By Monday we had planned a Meet & Greet and on Wednesday we were scrambling to buy everything for our new family member in hopes that he would like the things we chose for him.

I vividly remember the first time I saw his little face in the back of the car looking scared and wondering where he was going now. He did not realize that we were there to rescue him and to bring him to a home that he could finally call his own. This sweet, shy, and loving dog would be ours! Since coming home and adjusting, Buddy has been such a joy to be around and fits perfectly into our family. He is no longer scared of car rides and runs down to the garage to sit and wait for his next destination. He also loves chasing squirrels, going to bike races, going on picnics to the park, sitting on people and sleeping on his bed. He and his new best friend Rufus, a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix, love to have play dates and go on long walks. They recently enjoyed and excitement filled car ride to Malibu, but were both scared of the water. Instead of playing in the water, Buddy hung out on a towel so he wouldn’t have to lie in the sand.

Buddy is all smiles and loves to go with you no matter where it is you’re going-just as long as he can be with you, a true companion. I cannot express how happy we are with him and how blessed we feel to able to provide him with the most loving forever home possible. He had gone through so much and he only deserves the best.

Grace & Alvin, Pasadena