Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
Gender: Female

We first saw Clara at the Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles with no hair and her body covered in bloody scabs. Staff were unsure what was causing the condition, but a visit to the vet saw her diagnosed with a severe case of mange. Even though she was not feeling 100%, Clara remained full of loving puppy antics – always giving tons of kisses and playing around. After weeks of treatment that included dips and antibiotics, she made a full recovery and was adopted by Jessica, who soon got to find out for herself what a wonderful dog Clara is.

Hi All,

I wanted to send you a note as I have been out of touch and let you know that Clara has been doing great. She is a wonderful dog and she and Rocko are a pair. They really do compliment each other and they have a great level of play together. Rocko has given up (or Clara has taken) some of his ball time to tug and wrestle with her and they have a blast. These photos are of Clara at her lounging best. Next up is a training class or two…; )

Sorry for the quality of the photos (or lack of) but here is a shot of Clara and Rocko. I actually got a sitting photo as well. They of course look nothing alike, but I love in the sitting shot how they have the same little barrel chest – too cute!

Thanks again for everything and especially her foster mom for telling me A LOT about Clara so she came into a home with me knowing what to expect.