Breed: Husky Mix
Gender: Female

Daisy is an active Husky Mix that was found on the streets after she had been hit by a car. Daisy was taken to the West Los Angeles shelter with the hope that she would be reunited with her owners. Unfortunately, her family did not show up to collect her so the JDHF rescued the pup, fixed her broken leg and she is now living with the Knapp family in West LA.

We fostered and finally adopted Daisy after she had been hit by a car outside of our house. We found her lying on the bed of Santa Barbara daisies in front of our house, so it seemed like fate that we should end up with her. She got medical treatment and a cast on the leg that she broke and spent some time at the vet getting better, kindly paid for by the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation.

When Daisy came to our home, she was a bit of trouble. She was always hyperactive and had trouble paying attention to us for more than a few seconds. But after several weeks of care and showing her that we are her friends, she has improved tremendously. She has stopped chewing things (my library book oops) and learned how to sit, lie down, fetch, and shake (which seems to be her favorite) in just a few days. Now she will sometimes come up to us and raise her paw to shake our hands without even being asked.

She still has an amazing energy. I have never seen such a big dog jump quite as high in the air while doing strange and wonderful contortions as Daisy. And she also has a habit of making funny faces by lifting up one side of her lip when she is confused or wants something. Daisy makes us laugh every day! She gets along wonderfully with our other dog, giving him a friend to play with, and with our friends’ dogs too. In fact, Daisy and Biscuit, a small terrier, are great friends. They horseplay like crazy, while our older dog hangs around and plays referee.

Daisy is an affectionate, intelligent and obedient dog who we love as a part of our family. All these qualities were there all along. They just needed the right encouragement to emerge!

The Knapp Family, Los Angeles