Darla (London)

Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Gender: Female

London was an owner surrender at the South Los Angeles shelter. Even though she was 4 years old when the Heigl Foundation rescued her, she looked and acted like a puppy. Darla as she is now known, always loved to romp around and play, characteristics that soon became very familiar to her adopter Matthew.

Hello Katie,

Darla (formerly called London) is a bright spark of life. She burns brightly. Thirty seconds after I first put her in my back yard with my big dog (Pea Joe, 82 pound Shar-Pei/Pit Bull mix) they were playing and wrestling. They both love to wrestle. Darla loves to snuggle, she is quiet and likes the cat. She loves people and other dogs. I can tell she came from a bad situation. When i first got her she had a bad flinch response, indicating that she had her share of beatings. If she gets hurt she thinks she is in trouble. She has a deep-seated fear of the vet, also pointing to some past trauma, but, she is a great dog, a great friend. We owe her a good life.

Thank You!
Matthew P.