Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years Old

Say hello to Dolly. Dolly came from an isolated shelter in the SoCal desert.  Dolly has a sweet and affectionate disposition and loves giving and getting kisses and hugs. She is an active gal that likes walks, playing chase, tug-a-war, and tumbling around with her Labrador Retriever foster brother. However, her more recent favorite activity is squirrel hunting in the yard. “Squirrel!”

Dolly is a quick learner. In the short time she has been with us, she has learned to live with 3 other dogs, a Labrador and two Chihuahuas. She adjusted perfectly to the Labrador in just a few days. However, sometimes Dolly thinks the little dogs look and sound like a critter, and we know how she feels about them! Dolly has adjusted nicely to living indoors, but she definitely enjoys her outdoor playtime. She sleeps in a “fluffed” crate at nap time and nighttime and goes to the restroom within minutes of being taken outside.

Dolly is currently working on learning some basic commands and she is doing great with “no,” “ok,” “eat/hungry,” “leave it,” “sleepy-time,” “good girl,” and “down.” And she really listens when she is talked to! In fact, it seems she really tries to understand or connect with the human. When Dolly’s foster mom asks her, “Where is Maxx,” (meaning her foster brother) Dolly will actually start trying to find Maxx. Dolly enjoys people and other dogs of equal energy level and would make an excellent addition to an active and patient family.

Dolly is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, housetrained and crate-trained. She is currently available for adoption in the Los Angeles area.