Breed: Labrador Pit Bull Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 6 Years Old

Francis is a 6 year old Labrador pit bull mix, who looks much more like a Lab. He is such a happy boy and loves any sort of attention. Francis was the subject of a cruelty investigation and when  rescued was emaciated and weighed less than 25 pounds.  Today he is at a healthy 55 pounds, has forgiven humans and is full of love. Francis is good with other dogs if he is introduced to them slowly. He is a little socially awkward and may appear to be challenging them. In reality, he is a pushover and will roll over on his belly when they assert dominance. He walks very well on the leash, and will let you know if he has to go potty.

Francis has been without a family for too long, so come meet him soon in Oakley, Utah, so he can fill your home with love.