July 19, 2016

Cat’s Pride Generosity Helps Heigl Foundation Support California City Shelter

In California City, a rural town about two hours north of Los Angeles, straight into the desert, there is a small animal shelter that operates on extremely limited resources. With a very tight budget, staff work hard to look after the cats and dogs in their care. Like many community oriented shelters, the facility is heavily reliant on local support and the tireless efforts of volunteers.

Heigl Foundation staff recently visited volunteer Jim Creighton at the California City Animal Shelter (CCAS) to lookat the facility and were impressed to see the remarkable work being done with so very little The Foundation was keen to try and help ease some of the financial pressures the shelter faces by working to improve conditions for the animals.

The air conditioner in the room that housed the shelter's feline population was malfunctioning, and the cat cages were in a poor state of repair. In both cases the age of the objects meant replacement parts could not be sourced. Volunteer Diane Perry would also face a regular 50 mile round trip to purchase cat litter and a much longer journey to reclaim the
cost of her purchases from the City.

The Heigl Foundation decided to purchase a new air conditioner for the cat room and work with staff to replace the cat cages in the building. That just left the problem of getting hold of high quality cat litter...

We turned to our friends at Cat's Pride and asked if they could help. Not content with already helping tens of thousands of shelter animals through our partnership, which
sees a portion of proceeds from every sale of their Fresh & Light Ultimate Care product go to support our mission to end animal cruelty and suffering, Cat's Pride were more than happy to supply a few bags of litter for the folks at the CCAS.

And by 'a few' bags of cat litter, we mean 6700 pounds!!!

Cat's Pride incredible donation and generosity will help to offset the CCAS' budget by almost $2000!

Jim Creighton and Diane Perry were delighted to visit Cat's Pride Taft plant to pick up the cat litter and deliver it to the shelter yesterday afternoon.

There was only one problem - how to fit all the boxes in their truck and trailer!

The find out more about the California City Animal Shelter check out their volunteer administered Facebook page and visit Cat's Pride to discover how buying Fresh & Light Ultimate Care litter for your cat will help support our life saving work.

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